Bog visitekaartje 1 Bog visitekaartje

As a christmas gift from my boyfriend, I  finally dined at Bøg last Saturday. I was so excited to go! Giddy, like a little kid almost. Not only because I had heard very good stories about the place or due to the fact that I’ve fallen in love with Danish cuisine over the past few years for business trips. Oh no… It was very much that it is a 4 minute walk from my house. No really! I google mapped it; 350 meters shortest route or take the scenic one at 400 meters 😉 If the food was going to be only a little bit as good as expected, I just knew I would be in big trouble. The good kind of trouble, of course.

And wouldn’t you know it…it was all that I was hoping for. With every dish, every smell, every bite, I found myself feeling like I was dining in Denmark! Truly amazing. With ingredients that were oh so familiar to me as I’ve had them on my plate in one form or another a few times at Cofoco (my personal favorite restaurant in Copenhagen). And even their menu made me think of the trendy restaurants of Copenhagen, with two menus to pick from, either fish/meat or vegetarian. I figure the Danes have a motto of simplicity and less is more mentality. And as a terribly slow decision maker in restaurant dining, I really agree with that. There’s a certain peace of mind to it. In addition, I think it makes the chefs capable of paying more attention to detail in each dish and thus making each course just a tad more perfect.

Pinot Blanc- Schouwen-Duivenland, Netherlands
he wine

We ordered the most interesting wine with our dinner. It was a Pinot Blanc/Auxerrois from Schouwen-Duivenland, the Netherlands (I love their play on words ‘Schouwen-DRuivenland’). For those of you not familiar, its the province Zeeland, which is widely known for their oysters and mussels. I’m embarrassed to admit, the only Dutch winemaker known to me was the Apostelhoeve in the Limburg province (basically the only region in the Netherlands with hills a.k.a., for the Dutch, mini mountains). Although, I wasn’t particular fan of the Dutch wine due to the high acidity, I knew we had to take gamble on this one. As expected, this wine too was high in acidity, but somehow it blended really well with it’s apple & pear aroma’s. Since the meat/fish menu was mainly fish, it was a great match.

Bøg menu March 2015
The menu
We enjoyed the meat/fish menu

Snack 1; Home made crisps with fennel seeds    Snack; oyster, celery, green herbsSnack; tapiaco crisp, crispy skin of fish, creme of anchovies, tomato chutney    Bread
he snacks
(left to right, top to bottom: Homemade crisps with flax seeds, oyster, tapioca crisp with crispy fish skin & anchovies & tomato chutney, bread)

Salmon, Radish, cucumber, roe of lumfish
Salmon, radish, cucumber, roe of lumpfish

Halibut, leek & sweet onions
Halibut, leek, sweet onion

Kemper chicken & langoustine    Salad, green herbs & fried chicken
Kemper chicken, langustine, salad, green herbs

Carrot, buttermilk, thyme
Carrot, buttermilk, thyme

L’Asino d’oro

L asino d oro

L’asino d’oro is a restaurant you don’t want to miss if you’re staying in or passing through Rome. Tucked away nicely in a small street in the city centre (Municipio I), you would easily pass it if you didn’t know about it. Or perhaps if you didn’t have time to do your research before going out to eat 🙂
I would describe the food here as slightly experimental (which isn’t very typical of Roman restaurants), but still having enough Italian classics for those who swear by them (e.g. tiramisú). Every dish we had was prepared very well and very reasonably priced (primi & secondi: around €14, dolci: €6). In addition, the odd wine lover will love the great variety of great wines they have. We had a beautiful deep plum red wine (recommended by the waitress) from the La Marche region; a Montepulciano and Sangiovese blend.

The interior is very minimalistic, some might call it modern, which doesn’t make you warm, fuzzy and filled with anticipation immediately. Though the experienced waiters and waitresses and the great food make up for the slightly less cozy feel of the restaurant. By the way, I just love it when waiters are knowledgable about the food and wine they serve. I always pick their brains and ask them for their favorites, in a way to flatter them but also to mask my immense indecisiveness.

So here’s what my boyfriend and I had to eat:

Polenta & soup shot                                                               Polenta & soup shot

Veal cheeks in balsamico glaze                                                      Veal cheek with balsamic glaze
Sausage with white grapes                                                          Sausage with white grapes
Papardelle with rabbit ragu                                                         Papardelle with rabbit ragú
Slow cooked pork cheeks with persimmon and berry sauce                                                     Slow cooked pork cheek with persimmon and berry sauce
Foam of coffee and ricotta cheese                                                        Foam of coffee and ricotta
Cream of dark chocolate, mint and ginger                                                    Cream of dark chocolate, mint and ginger

This cracked us up, although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be funny.
CaffeYou can just see the Italian chef go “No! We only serve real coffee! No milk!”.

The above dishes were all very good, though my favorites were the slow cooked pork cheeks in persimmon sauce. The meat just fell apart with just oneI get the impression L’asino d’oro changes up their menu quite often (certainly with each season). If you want to have an impression on what the chef’s been cooking, Lucio Sforza posts pictures of his dishes on the restaurants facebook page every other two months or so (yup, no real website with menu, etc) and updates with regards to opening hours. Personally I feel the pictures of the dishes on the facebook page don’t do the creativity and skill of the chef justice. But if you’re curious you can check it out at: www.facebook.com/asinodoro

Be sure to make reservations by phone as this restaurant is popular and not the most spacious.